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0,7 l EaglesNest 2009 Shiraz0,7 l EaglesNest
2009 Shiraz

23,53 €
zzgl. MwSt. und Versand
31,37 €/Liter


The vineyard aspects range from east to north, and are perfectly positioned for a cool climate Shiraz. All grapes were hand picked, de-stalked and crushed into medium sized open top fermenters. Punch-downs or pump-overs were performed three to four times per day. This ensured that at all times the fermenting must evolved to embody the desired style. Fermentation took 12 days to complete, after which the free run wine was drawn off and the skins were pressed. The wine was then racked into French oak barrels. After 16 months in barrel, selected components of the wine were blended to create a complex and harmonious finished product.


This vintage shows a deep purple colour that is both fresh and lively. On the nose, dense aromas of cherry and ripe berry fruit with crushed red pepper kernel tempt the senses. A creamy mouth filling tannin, with hints of toasted coconut and wisps of pepper spice embrace your taste buds and are deliciously dry. Dark berry fruits and warm baking spice enrich the flavour experience one soon realizes that this is a wine of complexity and layering. A truly great wine from mature vineyards, this wine will age gracefully for 15 years from vintage.

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0,7 l EaglesNest 2009 Shiraz

0,7 l EaglesNest
2009 Shiraz

23,53 €
zzgl. MwSt. und Versand

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